Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, Rickeeeey....

I've come to the conclusion recently that I have been putting a few too many back as of late.

A lot of things have brought this about:

- Possible kidney stones
- Doctor's recommendation
- Can't lose the pounds
- Fighting with plants
- etc.

So, I went on a little to no alcohol diet for the time being (so far, no alcohol for about 3 weeks).

Unfortunately, I also recently came across a classic cocktail that sounded like it would be awesome. Simple, easy to make, contains my favorite booze, and sounds pretty damn refreshing on a summer day.

The Gin Rickey.

1 ounce Gin
Juice of Half of Lime
Topped with Club Soda or Seltzer over ice.
Serve with slice of lime for garnish

What a time to decide this, especially since I found my holy grail of drinks.

Anyways, I figured I needed to trick my brain into thinking I was serving it booze, so I doctored the recipe up and created the "LimeAid Cascade".

(I removed the gin from the equation).

At first I thought it was going to be horrible, but to my surprise, it was awesome. Granted, it's an aquired taste, but since I like gin, I figured I could handle Club Soda.

This is now my drink of choice and I actually crave it when I get home.

I even went out and bought a Lemon/Lime squeezer from Bed bath and Beyond because I've been making 5 to 6 of these a night.

One thing to note: Club Soda has a sodium content, but seltzer does not. I figure I've cut back on a ton of booze, so a little salt isn't gonna hurt (right now). But, if I can keep this schedule up, I'll more than likely switch to using Lemon Lime seltzer.

It seems like I've got a cocktail in my hands and I'm sure my neighbors think I'm toasted since I've constantly had one of these things in my hand for the last couple of weeks, but it's a start.

My next step is to consider the importance of tobacco in my life...but not quite yet.

***Oh, and I think I really need to point out the fact that I came up with this thing all by myself. So, if Glittergirl goes on about how she came up with this, it's a lie!


Chris said...

good to know. I'll be sure to remind glittergirl that you were the one to invent this drink.

Your next test. invent a jack and coke that doesn't contain alcohol or caffeine

Mojito Libre said...

She's totally trying to steal my idea for being Sober! If I was drunk I'd pick a fight with her blog.

I'm thinking you're out o' luck on a virgin jack and coke. That's kinda like ordering a Long Island Ice Tea without the alcohol. Not too possible.

I'm gonna give this about 30 days for the no alcohol because Fall is my absolute favoritest time to drink....there are too many good breweries making Octoberfests and Bocks for me to pass up.

Chris said...

I didn't start to drink until I was 30 and an ex-friend started me off with shots of blackhaus. after that I dabbled with beer (ugh, not for me) and then landed on mixed drinks. but yeah, I think I'm screwed on the virgin rum and coke. ahh well. I think that deserves a drink :-P

Mojito Libre said...

Starting off with Blackhaus should have ended your drinking experience. Nothing good ever comes from that stuff or Yagermeister. Blecch.


tequila almost killed me. i was about 19 and tried to out drink a biker. not good.

anyways, my drink invention is called a "virgin ricky" and uses selzter water, not club soda. totally different.

also, limeade cascade sounds like dish detergent.

maybe we need to work on this as a team? as you pointed out yesterday, all the lime juice will prevent scurvy, so maybe we need to be marketing this drink to pirates???

Mojito Libre said...

Actually, I was calling it a virGIN Rickey until I got tired of explaining to everyone what it was. Now, I think I'm just gonna call it a Lime and Soda.

However, if we do intend to market it or at least get it into the Mr. Boston's Bartending Guide, might I suggest the "Lime and SodArr"?


plus we need to really consider using tonic water. it glows under a blacklight and cures malaria. with the lime taking care of scurvy, i think we're close to pulitzer prize territory here.

Chris said...

I know I wasn't involved in this operation from the get-go, but seeing as I'm currently looking for employment, can I get in on the fun somehow?

I can run the IT department of your bottling/packaging facilities? clean the floors? dress up as your mascot a giant lime with googly eyes?

Mojito Libre said...

Chris, you can clean up the floors after Glittergirl tries Tonic for the first time without something palatable like gin mixed with it.

On the plus side, her vomit will glow under a blacklight. So, you've got that going for you.

Chris said...

I appreciate the chance to work for Mojito Corp, LLC. You won't regret this, sir. thank you again

*backs away, bowing obediently*

glittermom said...

If a martini is drunk from a martini glass is a Gin Ricky drunk from a rickey glass?

Mojito Libre said...

GG: I think you've officially hit the retarded mark. :) Either that or you're just waaay too into over-analyzing things.

BTW, I've renamed the drink. I want to jump on this Sarah Palin dogpile. I'm now calling the drink the "Virgin Bristol Palin". It's served in a Mug emblazoned with the confederate flag and Jesus with a side of smug.

Oh, and Chris, I'll email you the non-disclosure forms ASAP! Don't worry about all the fine print...

Mojito Libre said...

Wow. Am I in for it. I didn't have icons enabled to view the last post so I assumed GlitterGirl wrote the comment. I just saw Glitter in the name and went with it.

Well. So much for using alcohol as an excuse for looking like an ass! :)

glittermom said...

You wanna fight MR???



dude, you called my mom retarded!


also, "the virgin bristol palin" is hilarious!

ah, good work virgin-mojito...


a final note: i finally made myself one of these...whatever ya call it drinks. it's really good! except for the seltzer water exploding all over the kitchen, it's good stuff.

Mojito Libre said...


Well, at least it garnered a laugh.

BTW, that's what I've been saying! That stuff's good! Oh, and I lost 5 pounds by cutting out the booze and switching to Virgin Bristol Palins (TM).