Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have always loved compiling lists. I don't necessarily follow them, but I love getting things down on paper and organizing my thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. So, in 2010, I've decided to start making my 10 things in 2010 list(s).

10 things to accomplish in 2010, or my 10 in 10 lists:

- Read at least 10 books
- Find at least 10 non-standard books to read to my son (none of that Max and Ruby shit)
- Put a stamp of approval on 10 signature dishes
- lose (at least) 10 pounds
- Come up with activities to do as a family
- and that's about where I'm at right now.....

I've really fallen off the grid with my reading habits. In school, it was common to have to read at least 4 books a week. Taking a full time job, maintaining a house, and keeping up with an active 3 year old into consideration, I've fallen into the trap of T.V., magazines, and the internet.

My mind is starting to feel like mush and I feel I don't have a creative outlet anymore. By the time I get home from staring at test scripts and spreadsheets and Web pages all day, I've barely got enough energy to get dinner ready and play "action figures" with my son. So, the comfort of the couch and the heroin-like appeal of mass entertainment suits my interests quite well. I just have to focus on keeping my eyes open in order to absorb all that is thrown at me.

Enough is enough for me. I like television and movies and entertainment, in general. But, it's doing harm to me and my family. My son is catatonic when a favorite show comes on and don't get me started about Idol and all the shit-stains it produces. My wife is in another world when this show is on (which should be 4 out of 5 nights now that it's just started back up).

I want to get back to being forced to think. I want to read books to my son that don't quite end with "Happily Ever After." I want to sit around the dinner table and talk about what went on in the world, in the city, in our lives. (We currently do this, but it feels so disjointed because the TV or other entertainment item is always on or in focus and we don't usually eat at the table.)

What I get are snippets of my family's life. Just bits and pieces. I've already started getting out of the trap. But, only by a little bit. When I feel that my son has watched too much TV, or I have to stand in front of him to break his attention, so he'll answer me, I turn the set off (to many protests) and get a game off the shelf and sit on the floor with him and play.

I'm not perfect in any of this, by any means. I just want to be able to open a book, go for a run, get my family outdoors, talk about the day with as little effort as it takes to turn on cable and settle into a nice cozy couch.

I'll have to come back and revisit this post in a few days and clean it up. I don't want to come off as negative. I just know that the trappings of comfort and entertainment are very very easy to get used to and I want to lead a richer, fuller life. Hopefully, my family will follow.


glittergirl said...

wow, i'm impressed! really, not being snarky. i hope you make some progress.

keep us posted!

also, i love lists. :)

glittermom said...

I am the queen of lists...I have lists of everything...not to brag but I read 104 books last year..I dont know how I found the time with making all my lists..Maybe not having a job helps..